We all experience a multitude of issues and challenges throughout our lives. These challenges are an ever-present fact of life. The actual issue, however, is how we respond to or deal with each problem or challenge. Throughout the years, we have spoken to and heard hundreds of people from every walk of life say the same thing repeatedly. It is almost as if they had all purchased the same basic guidebook to life on how to exist through years full of regrets, unrealized dreams, and ambitions.

These people have either or are on their way to experiencing a daily diet of the “poor me” syndrome, or bemoaning that the world is not fair. The really sad thing about these people is that they are not alone and their numbers grow day in and day out. How many people throughout the world in thriving countries have looked back upon their lives at their time to depart this world, and wished they had lived differently, or even done something well? Instead, an idea, or dream, only faintly glowed as a thought in their mind.

To so many, they go to their death realizing that they wasted countless opportunities because they took no action, and defeated themselves before they ever took one step to put thought into action. Because a lot of us have lost the ability to dream, to see things as they could be instead of like they are. We have lost the ability to dream as if we were childlike – to dream big without knowing that life can throw curves and obstacles at us; without realizing that unconsciously we have allowed, inch by inch, the world to chip away at our dreams until they are only a pile of dream rubble. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can change it. 

Our mission is to help you discover and create the new you, a changed you, one that relishes life despite challenges, obstacles, or problems.

Examples of Our Inspirational, Self-Help Books

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Our inspirational, self-help ebooks are written in simple, straightforward language. For example, how you approach your work environment to get ahead is discussed in Wings for Work: Learn how to develop and use the three key qualities that successful people have mastered. These qualities are the same ones that I used in my career to advance from high school graduate to a senior management position in a major international corporation.

The way to reach or attain your dream by using goal-setting strategies is explained in my ebook, Wings for Goals: How to Use Three Easy Steps to Change Your Life Forever. I used these steps to write my first book while working in a demanding management position and looking after my two children.

Never underestimate the power of using inspiring and motivational quotations to give you a positive boost for your day and to help change your attitudes from negative to positive. In fact, my first book, Wings of Wisdom: Your Daily Guide to Benefit from Change, Profit from Failure, and Design Your Own Destiny, resulted from my experience collecting inspiring quotes to help me use my energy to focus on positive results rather than on the poor me syndrome.

Our ebook, “The Road To Joy and Happiness, How To: Develop Life-Changing Habits, Change Negative Behaviors, and Create The Life You Want” reveals 19 practical and life-changing habits, along with a special 21-day challenge, to help you find joy and happiness. Maybe you already have some of these habits, but maybe you don’t, or you are missing other key habits. By cultivating certain habits (one, two, or more), you can open the door to a life of joy and happiness. It’s like having a collection of maps for different places. No matter which map you look at, it will show you the same destination, but each map offers a unique route to get you there. The 19 key habits are like a map that can take you down this rewarding road, allowing you to uncover greater joy and happiness in all aspects of your life.

Developing life-changing habits is an achievable goal and doesn’t have to be daunting. There is no one path to joy and happiness, but rather a combination of elements. It may seem like an impossible task, but with dedication and effort, you CAN travel the life-changing road to joy and happiness

The ebook, The Confidence Guide: 27 Proven Ways To Build Your Self-Worth, answers these questions: What is self-worth? Why is it vitally important?Why is having self-worth so vital? Instead of letting fear and negative self-talk hold you back, reclaiming your sense of self-worth allows you to become more confident in yourself, and this confidence allows you to open up and explore greater possibilities and opportunities for yourself. Self-worth is a skill like any other, and you can learn how to do it. If you know what steps to take and if you commit to putting in the effort. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to develop greater self-worth. Reclaiming your sense of self-worth can be your life’s game-changer. Don’t wait another day. Find out the 27 ways to help build your self-worth

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Byron and Catherine Pulsifer’s Quotations

Catherine Pulsifer’s Quotations

Goals point to where you want to end up, not where you are today.

Catherine Pulsifer

Byron Pulsifer’s Quotations

Dreams can be your best avenue for getting what you want when you turn dreams into action. This action moves your dream to the forefront from thought to reality.

Byron Pulsifer

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